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    I am not changing any definitions here, just trying to change the valetudinarianism.
    "Its not about gender,its about HUMANITY".

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    Dear Boys
    (Part - 2)

    "Be A Gentleman".
    It is said to boys since childhood but you don't have the right to be gentle, you have to save your honour too.Forwarding the chair to the girl, wearing a perfect three piece suite with a tie & winning school/colleges fight and hiding your pain & tears.

    Are these the things that make you a "gentleman"?
    The person who raises his voice for the wrong is "Gentleman".The person's moral values make them "gentleman".

    "All Men Are Dogs".
    Most of the psuedo-feminists say this line.Is your father not a man?Is your brother not a man?
    They should atleast think !

    Tell me who has set this seal that boys cannot wear pink coloured clothes.Break this platitudinous things.

    Rape & harassment also happens with boys.Then why are they considered as homosexual/gay after getting molested or raped?? Where do the boys have pain? They get pleasure & they are insane?
    Patriarchy also touched him in a wrong way.
    They are also a human being.

    Leaving homes,they also go to do jobs but this is'nt a big or special thing for anyone.

    Since childhood they are given all the responsibilities.Ohh!! Let them now live as a child first.

    Their heart also get broken many times,
    Bad girls also ruin their lives.
    Always a boy cheats,
    I want to change this misbelief.

    "Its not about gender equality,its about HUMANITY".
    I know being a girl is a difficult thing but being a boy.Is it so easy?