• your_sahib20 5w

    For alcoholic guyz

    Me: promise to me..will not drink whiskey from my money !! Coz i want to save my life nd future
    #After two days??
    Friend: asking to me !!
    •Where are you bro.??
    Can we go out for chill.. drinking.
    Whiskey and all...??
    Me: i said him !
    Bro. I don't spend my money in drinking and all alcoholic items..understood
    Friend : why!!
    Mee: i want my future bright !! that's why
    Friend: think nd after 5 mins later !!
    • Bro. Its ok...no problem..
    • If you take promise by yourself
    • That's good!!!
    • I purchase whiskey ..you can
    Purchase Chicken and chakna...
    I Shocked ...