• raika_ashraf 36w

    This is just a small piece of what she did for me. For her family.

    Happy mother's day.

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    What I am today is because of you. Bringing me to right path everytime I went astray. I don't know how you came to know everytime i hide something from you. And all you said then was 'Raika apni galtion sy seekh lena'.
    I have seen you during the worse. And i have seen you making it the best. You are a warrior. A queen.
    There was a time when you were ruled. And were patient.
    You heard taunts. Bore everything. For me. Took steps. For my betterment. Even when you knew people will oppose it. But you wanted me to have the best of education. The best of everything.
    "Hard work pays off. It does. It did." You told me this. And I saw this turning true. You are my best friend. My sister. My mother. Everything.
    "Sab sy bary ho phir bhi akal nhi hy", you said. And then I heard you on the phone while talking to papa when you said the exact opposite. How you hid my deeds from the world. And fought for my rights. You did.
    I love you so much mama. I can't explain this in words.
    You are my role model. You are.