• dreadful_artist 5w

    Reality Infuriates

    Remnants of carefree days watching clouds configuration
    Never a thought, governments corrupt
    Medic-aid, terrorism, starvation
    Soon innocence fades and eyes record as we process our fate
    Worries change the shape of you
    Reality infuriates
    Riding bikes after dark never was a fear
    Likely shot and killed by cops, if black, Hispanic, Muslim or queer
    Busses, lessons, teachers, friends, never had a worry
    While bullied kids with daddy's guns, spill bullets in a fury
    Swimming pools, garage sales, birthday celebrations
    Babies, kids, all dying young not getting vaccinations
    Once again we make the plea, find resolve and join the fight
    Our children want to dream again, sleep soundly through the night