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    Title: a beautiful disaster
    Collection: better

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    a beautiful disaster

    Some may say that you're out of your head,
    Hallucinating every night about monsters under your bed.
    You keep thinking of the things that will happen ahead,
    Your thoughts are expressed and widely said.

    It's always raining wherever you go,
    Watching your emotions as they grow.
    You've always been at your very low
    And yet, nobody cares and dares to know.

    Is it just you or that you really have friends?
    Or you just go and fantasize about them?
    Are they real or are you just daydreaming again?
    Don't people really see them?

    You could be the rain that's just a bit lighter
    Or the rain pouring out, getting a little stronger,
    Or a storm, raging out, being a little bolder,
    Or it depends in the eyes of the beholder.

    Fill your head with all the laughter,
    They're opinions don't really matter.
    You'll feel much better after
    Oh, you're such a beautiful disaster.