• moosaakailvi 5w

    Cry not!

    Why do the clouds thunder and the flowers bloom?
    For it is my lord that commandeth.
    Why do the poor sleep hungry and the rich happy?
    For it is my lord that provideth.
    If God is Almighty then why is there sadness,
    Hunger, pain, greed, poverty, war and death?
    Because my lord doth test thee of thy mettel,
    Whether you walk the light when the times are tough,
    Or whether you plunge into darkness head first!
    There isn’t a grain more on a soul which it canst not bear,
    My lord Almighty doth know your size.
    If thee son of Adam are in a situation tough,
    Do knoweth that it is thee who are tough.
    Tough begets tough my lord said,
    Hardships yield fruits divine,
    For are they they the work of the one true divine.