• untamedink 6w


    There has never been,
    In this living a day with no night
    And there has never been,
    In this world a night with no dark,
    Nature’s unabated play

    Sometimes when the night has arisen,
    In an abyss of chocking darkness
    And deafening silence –
    Life throws you in solitude
    Enraged torment blazing
    A crawl-out in a single piece of self –
    To witness another dawn,
    A daring fighting spirit a recipe

    So here I am in a new dawn again
    Darkness of the night has been swallowed –
    By the seemingly sinister rays
    For in this mine soul still
    I’m living in inner darkness, a mere existence

    And I don’t know where I am
    In this world of my own
    My feelings are all obscured
    This extreme silence has deafened me –
    And so I hear not myself
    I have become a lone traveler
    Traversing this solitude land,
    But to which destination?

    I need a hero to touch me, my life
    And re-ignite my candle
    Someone come –
    Pull me out of this muddy water of my existence
    I want to be alive again

    The Untamed Ink