• juni__garbyal 6w

    Maybe it's a sign

    I woke up
    Early in the morning
    And according to my morning ritual
    I checked my phone
    Checked Instagram, Snapchat,
    WhatsApp, Twitter
    And checked my message box...
    Hoping and praying for your message to show up.
    No message since 9 years.
    Maybe it's a sign

    I was having my breakfast
    Cheese maggi, Lays and Cold drink
    (A weird melange of edibles, I know)
    I was thinking about my favourite fictional character
    When the glass of cold drink fell on my tidy white kurta.
    With my kurta all ruined
    What could I do but smile
    Reminiscing the way you smiled at me
    while having coca cola at our favourite cafe
    Maybe it's a sign