• omotola 31w

    Has one person hurt you so badly
    That all you feel now is empty 
    There's is just a lot of blood coursing 
    But your heart is bitter and your veins hard
    Has one person ever
     taken you up only to drop you abruptly 
    Breaking  so much, mending so little
    Has one person ever 
    caused so many emotions
    Which put good ones to shame 
    Marring and  scarring you 
    Has one person ever 
    Caused to cry, with no  tear to show  for it
    Has one person ever 
    Shown you how to love
    Deeply with flaws and all
    To the point of pain and beyond
    Has one person ever 
    Gotten so much recognition in your space
    That you start to wonder if its possible
    To still  breath after 
    Has one person ever 
    Made you wanna cut ties and never speak 
    But you weigh ropes and cut a conclusion 
    Has one person ever 
    Made you think so highly  of yourself 
    Only to  make you feel so little 
    Has one person ever 
    Made you  wanna become  a poet
    For a minute
    For only  poetry can bridge out the lines 
    Has one person ever
    Treated you less than you deserved 
    Only to make you accept what is not reserved 
    Has one person ever
    Made you change your mind of writing 
    A birthday shoutout
    Replacing  it with a line of pain.. 
    Has one  person ever
    Made you realize that
    Deep within, it lies
    And it can't be dug out
    Has one  person ever...