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    When things were rough, I made me your fortress to lean; your steering compass whose willing to contrive to all your whims. But when I was the one needed saving, where were you?

    After years of being quiescent, you're banging my door, asking me to take you back. Your words were so fetching, but I can't even bring myself to hearken because I know they were traps. Your ephemeral reappearance flashed years of old-time pain resurrecting out of my healed lacerations; I can feel the sting in my skin.

    "You're here not for me, but for your damn self. You wanted me to be your safe ground again, regain what you think you've lost, rebuild your esteem. You came back because you've wanted someone who'll embrace you despite your flaws and odious resolves. Someone who's weak, you think you can lure into your black hole again".

    There's still the bitter after taste as my tongue rolled out those phrases. I hope my words were crystal for what I meant with my silence and cold stares. I spent years getting out of that black hole. I won't let you ruin my universe again, and yes, I won't rue the day I shut my door.