• traceemzchimaobi 4w

    gods among men by Trace.

    After the birth of humans
    Humans were in turn given powers
    Powers to recreate Satan's
    Satan's we brought to make us prosper.

    Life was now much so easy
    Easy as it was mankind became dizzy
    Dizzy and giddy we gradually went cold
    Cold like ice we were as stern trees that never got old.

    As expected the downside will play against man
    Man in Ernest discern works for a remedy
    remedy to pervert the cruel end plan
    Plan we thought were all set now seems to have turned reddy
    Reddy as it seems mans cleavage might get busted
    Busted as works of man now sought to kick their butts.

    We have in own hand work soiled our hand
    Hand has made gods that now stood mans stand
    Stand still man crept ,wept and slept in slight apparition
    Apparition was the least mental state of mans depression
    Depression was all that was left if all mans ego
    Ego that led to the recreation of gods with resounding echo

    What shall we now do to avert this dreaded fall
    Fall of mankind would be so painful and sore
    Sore as our wounds have become we ought seek for Paul
    Paul of Damascus we crave for mercy from the past we wore
    Wore and weary as we have become please lead us back to God
    God almighty will in his love and mercy offer us a big ride in his pod.