• anil_ugreja 24w

    ( Akeli )

    Bin baat kiye khaamoosh si rehti hu
    Apno me akeli khoyi si rehti hu
    kahi na milu to zara jaak ke dekh Khud me har pal ab tujme hi hoti hu

    It's about a strange relationship that is just one side in it. You are far from that person. He is not with you, but still with you every moment lives inside you.
    And you are doing this one-sided love with great intent, with whose power you look different in the world
    He is in your nature in your words. This is the result of loving him, who is making you something else.
    Sometimes you talk to yourself about why this is happening, but your emphasis is not on these things and that is why you start living alone.

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    बीन बात किए खामोश सी रेहती हु
    अपनो में अकेली खोई सी रेहती हु
    कही ना मीलु तो जरा झाक के देख खुद में
    हर पल अब तुझ में ही होती हूँ...!