• pallavi_b 9w

    Life is not always what we see.
    It's much more beyond just seeing. It's deep, it's a combination of present, past and future.
    There is another sense which takes us into the past, reconnect us with memories, places, people etc. Also, sometimes hints us what's coming in the future.
    That is smell.

    When I smell of Johnson's it takes me to childhood.
    When I smell closet with old soap wrappers, it reminds me of my grandmother.
    When I smell warmth it reminds me of my mother.
    When I smell ironed clothes it reminds me of my father.
    When I smell soil and leather it reminds me of cricket matches I played.
    When I smell fresh paper and new clothes it reminds me of the beginning of school session.
    When I smell ink, it reminds me of my fear for exams.
    When I smell mangoes, it reminds me of fun and summer vacation.
    When I smell incense stick it takes me in a temple.
    When I smell popcorn I am in movie hall virtually.
    When I smell grease, it reminds me of struggle to repair my bicycle on my own.
    When I smell cardboard it reminds me of home shifting.
    When I smell marigold it reminds me of numerous festivities.
    When I smell petrol it reminds me of long drives.
    When I smell Maggie it reminds me of numerous nights in the hostel with friends.
    When I smell insect repellent, I sense trouble.
    When I smell ironed clothes and polished shoes I remember republic day school parades.
    When I smell pakoras I remember rainy lazy afternoon.
    When I smell beer, I remember intense discussions with friends.
    And when I smell you, I enlighten.