• ambivert1712 30w

    I was running but I wanted to stay and look back at every light of affirmity from the past. I was scuttling with the bare feet of recklessness but that night, the 5 A.M. silence at those hills somehow soothed my tired feet. And suddenly I stopped and laid still, not running anymore, not hiding anymore, and I wanted to stay. I wanted to live in that moment, I wanted to savour every jiff of no chaos in that very moment. I closed my eyes and breathed happily in that flash of time for far too long I guess. So when I opened my eyes again, I realised I had come too far scampering from the ghosts of the past that were haunting me. But this time I wasn't the one who was running, it was the time that was and I had no choice but to keep pace with it, so I stood up and chose to run again and this time as fiercely as I could and as far as I would.