• arcturiandreams 5w

    Sometimes it feels easier to not let anyone into these walls.
    I built them, brick by brick, stubbornly shoving the ones that didn't want to fit into uneven rows.
    The secrets inside are the kind of nightmares and the demise of happy childhood tales.
    You will not like what you see if you enter.
    In fact, it may scare you.
    This is the reason why I have reinforcements guarding anyone who nears it, are you ready to know what lies inside?

    There is a door next to this fragile heart of mine.
    There is no key because that is much too easy for someone else to find.
    Instead, I am my own gatekeeper, watching from behind thick glass to see if I should allow you to deceive my fragmented mind into showing you the history that is a hard pill to swallow.
    I want to let you in.
    But you must show me that I can trust you with this, that I can agree with my instincts when she tells me it is time.
    Show me I can open this vault for you.