• aceofhorrors 10w

    Fallen Angel

    Angels rejoice into a happy ending;
    However, you have different plans for me.
    You coercion thy will; my lips are sewn shut.
    You chained me down and tore off my golden wings;
    Remaining innocence ooze onto the floor.
    Soon after, you violated thee out of every twisted pleasure you seek.
    Thy sadistic nature raptured into a maddened rage;
    You beat me until I was nothing, but a bruised pulp upon the floor.
    Thinking I was dead, you tossed me out;
    You cast into the flames.
    Falling forever hopelessly while my body turns into blackened ashes.
    The unbearable heat turns into frozen ice.
    I violently tremble with my nude across the snow.
    The Heavens urged me to fly before; you made me grounded.
    Everyone prayed in silence whilst they hear the silent rage within me.
    Foolish you didn't rip my halo; my savior was found.
    You are thrown into penance eternal and loss.
    Now I am trying to heal my heart together.
    It feels like forever!
    Eventually, my wings will fully sprout
    And soar back to home,
    Yet I am still burdened inside.