• kanika12888 12w

    Transfemoral IC socket.....

    Stump was too short
    Amputation was transfemoral
    I started loosing my moral
    In the socket,Ischium was contained
    Prescribing a TF prosthesis, I was trained
    My confidence started boosting up when I started to ambulate
    AP walls were made to accomodate
    The excessive muscles of femoral region
    Now,it started pressure's uniform division
    Weight was relieved from bony prominences
    Lateral wall kept in adduction
    But it needs further rectification
    Quad. socket had ML wide walls
    Rectified medially,when groin pain calls
    Quad. got a lateral shift,IC was such a gift
    ML walls in IC were narrowed
    I'm an athlete
    My aim was bowed
    Aim to ran so far,activity level is k4
    Its all because of TF prosthesis that I wore.......