• droneking 10w

    Love isn't real

    This thing called love feels like a myth because I can't find anyone to live this life with, yelling and crying nights I'm done with I'm just done with this thing called love I've never felt it anyways so why do I want to chase after something that keeps breaking and hurting my heart it's so difficult for something that's supposed to come easy I put ice in my veins so it freezes me it barely pleases me love is nothing a disease for me scarred and hurt to the soul my other half no one will ever fill that role I came in lonely and I'm leaving lonely you can't live without a heart so why am I still breathing praying amongst deaf ears so why am I yelling feeling blind to everyone so why am I looking for someone that will never exist always being looked over like I never exist you'll miss me when I'm dead and gone I hope no one mourns too long because letting me walk out that answer was the wrong anger is my new happiness pain fills my heart falling to pieces cuz I'm so heartbroken someone once said I'm everything but I think they where just joking can't even lift my spirits when I'm smoking my grip on life I'm never choking I'll just let go and I'm not joking