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    "*Ghar mein maa behan nahi hai?*
    The mostly used dailogues by
    Indian females,

    We often get to hear this
    And might have spoken too.

    Why do people think respect should
    Only be given just because they have
    Mother and sister and other females
    At home?

    Do having mother,sister and other female
    Memebers depicts respect?

    Respect is not a necessity my friend.

    But it the very first moral duty of
    Every individual to respect all individuals
    Out there;whether males,females or homosexuals.

    You don't know who gets through what,
    Still stands in front of you.

    So why to disregard them instead
    You can make them smile.

    You need to get rid of
    *ghar mein maa behan nahin hai?*

    Beacuse this misconception didn't even
    Affect them.

    Instead reply that,
    *you're an individual and has gone through
    A lot that's why you deserve respect.*

    Don't ask for it.
    You deserve a lot more.

    Don't underestimate yourself."��

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    "Ghar mein Maa
    Behan nahin hai?"

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