• ansh_ke_ansh 11w

    A Conversation with Self

    Once I visited the forest in the old
    The trees were tall and their roots were deep
    The birds on them were squeaking very sweet
    Forest was green and the smell of soil was fresh
    The memorial in those woods had a few names on them
    Looks like some war heroes were burried in a hurry
    Most of them were broken and fixed uneven
    With every rain falling on them they got firm in their places
    Nobody cared to look after them
    There was a bench broken and withered
    With some names on it engraved with a stone
    A long lost love-struck couple, a furious soldier,
    A father, a farmer, an iron-smith
    Seems to me a dossier of the past asking to be read
    Stories unheard wanting to be heard
    To meet their loved ones they have lost
    I kept sitting reminiscing about the old days
    With thousands of thoughts in my mind
    I left the forest hoping to find a few
    Knowing their sides of the story
    How they fought this battle
    Without their loved ones around.