• dolorous_thoughts_ 23w

    Before it all ended..

    I felt pain but it wasn't much noticeable...instead i had a tickling sensation...as more blood drained out of me, my mind rejoiced - " Yes don't worry, finally its gonna be alright...everything will come to an end "

    Before closing my eyes forever, the last thing i saw was...my family, my friends, the one whom i loved and many other people standing around me...with a smile on their face, and an expression of relief...
    My mother said - " Finally, she is gone for good.."
    Dad said - " Thank God, she is dead, was such a shame to the family...atleast now some of my money will be saved... "
    My brother said - " I knew this was gonna happen one day...i wish she had done it sooner..wouldn't have to suffer this much..."
    My friends were chatting among themselves...
    One of them said - " She was such an attention seeker, all the time crying, glad that i won't have to listen to her depressing dramas anymore...."
    The one whom i loved, he just stood there mumbling something that sounded like the word COWARD
    Finally he said to my best friend - " I wonder why she did that...well, i guess all she knew was to be a coward and cry...i am so glad that i had already cut off all strings from her before she did this...."

    At last the moment came for which i was waiting, i closed my eyes....struggling hard to listen to my heartbeats...a few minutes later, i couldn't hear it...my heart did beat for the last time that day..