• anubhavkaushik 9w

    Being Human

    Everybody can agree on this that no one is born with anxiety, with negativity or cruel.
    Now the point is that from where does it gets into us, all of us.
    None of us was in depression when we were born, we didn't hate anyone being infant, intact we were born with purest of emotions and such a true soul we all were.
    Than why are we this way now....??
    Well we can't track the root of the negativity or all these dark shadows but what we can do is that we can prevent it from draping us. We can avoid feeding these dark shadows on our fear, our desires and lust, our thrist of more and our insecurities. 
    It doesn't take much to be more like the human we are supposed to be. 
    Just be a little kind to everyone and yourself too, be a little honest, let go off a bit of ego, be patient just a bit more, be generous and let's just be a bit less, just a bit less selfish.
    And by doing I assure you, you will feel the difference, you will yourself be more happy. Trust me you will go to bed more satisfied with yourself. 
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    ©Anubhav Kaushik