• arthurjerrythompson 22w

    To Amy

    Hey Amy,
    I'm Sorry
    I know I get mad
    About dumb things,
    And am often childish,
    But I don't mean to be.

    I mean to help you
    And to make things easier for you.
    I don't mean to be in the way, or aggravate you,
    And I wish I knew what I was supposed to do,
    But I usually don't,
    But I still try and guess.

    I'm sorry I get mad
    And make us argue.
    I wish I was more easy going,
    But I only complain cause you're
    Like the only one I'm sure cares and
    ‘Cause I trust you.

    I love you baby,
    You're so great even when I'm annoying you.
    I love you baby,
    You're so beautiful even when you say you're not
    I only cry to you –
    I’m only safe with you;
    I only smile for you –
    You're all my happiness

    And I love you, babe.

    Love Cj.