• mara_pain 5w


    This dude got me
    His well kept beard
    His charming eyes
    His broad chest
    Chocolate complexion
    Everything about him
    Called me to him

    I got so obsessed
    I wanted no one but me with him
    It got bad that I was ready
    To even kill just to be with him
    This dude that I couldn't have
    Drove me nuts

    Crazy in love
    Madly in love
    So and so in love
    He belonged to me
    In my imagination
    I couldn't believe I fell
    So hard for a stranger

    I couldn't get him off my mind
    His touches drove me insane
    His kisses did wonders to my body
    I was lost in love
    With a stranger

    The way his hands roamed
    All over me
    My nipples couldn't help
    But get aroused
    Goosebumps all over

    I yearned for his magic stick
    To feel it in me even if it was just once
    I yearned to finally be him
    I wanted him so bad
    That I'd do anything to have him

    I couldn't help
    Each time he smiled back
    My pants would get wet
    I'd get aroused
    To a point of sitting down

    I always fantasized about him
    Pillow fights
    Swimming together
    Making love in the weirdest
    And strangest places

    I've never met him
    Only saw his pictures and videos
    In the internet
    Then realized we lived
    In the same estate
    I just have dozens
    Of his pics on my iPad
    For my eyes to see
    I can't stop thinking about him

    I'm lost in lust for him
    Lusting for his body
    Each and everyday
    I know this is just
    An infatuation
    Not love
    And I can't help it
    Maybe when I finally have him.

    It's not always about pain