• m_collins 22w

    Conversations with your soul

    Last night you came to me in my dreams, I don't know why it was a happy reunion, maybe my soul misses yours and these dreams are just a way for me to cope with the loneliness that now dwells within. You had a lot to say about how much I let myself down for people who won't pick me up, you had a lot to say about how I worry too much about everything and everyone, you mentioned how being able to see the best in people, and always trusting so easy was both a strength and a weakness, and how one will inevitably outweigh the other. I wanted to tell you how it was a chance I was willing to take, if it meant that I gained even one true friend, but surprisingly I couldn't find my voice, that's when I got scared and realized that it was all just an illusion, created by my mind to fill the void of your absence, with all the conversations we can't have, or maybe your soul came to me, cos it sensed that I needed that wake up call, or maybe my subconscious is sending me a message. So many "maybes"