• promitakoley1 7w

    Today I want to cry, I want to cry by ripping my heart out... But I can't. Cause ...

    Damn! I even don't know the reason for crying...


    You are too obsessed by someone who doesn't even look after for you..


    You are so attracted for someone who doesn't even like you..


    You are hoping that one day he will confess to you..


    You are too scared of the fact that if he changes his mind and never split it out that you wanna hear the most..

    Maybe maybe maybe maybe.............

    Overthinked a lot nahh?? Now stop overthinking and just go with the flow...

    If he loves you he will surely confess one day, He will never let you go if he truly cares about you..

    So just keep patience and forget about everything and enjoy the every moment of your beautiful day,

    A New Day