• mudasirfirdosi 9w

    Aawou bambh

    Aawou bambh

    Stay safe my country,
    I hear the birds couldn't
    sleep tonight
    and even the beasts
    went into hiding.

    Babies, holding tight to
    their mothers,
    with eyes wide open
    in awe
    And mothers like a bunker
    over their
    species trying to stop the
    demonic spurts
    touching the fragile souls.

    Fathers wondering if the
    earth is trembling;
    a volcano blew the mountains
    just miles away.
    But the blasts are too loud,
    too close yet too distant
    Maybe the war just broke
    in a country,
    already in a state of war

    An old wise man in a
    far-off village
    smiled while listening to
    the tribe's howl,
    Did we not had jinns hustling
    in the nearby fields?
    And women had their braids
    chopped by unseen foes
    And tales of men, invincible
    to any deaths blows,
    And the wanderer during
    my childhood
    making toys of cow
    dung on the porch,
    While shouting expletives,
    'aawou bambh'.