• gunduzz 10w

    Fears are to be overcomed

    I am a girl who was born in a very orthodox family. I really didn't have choices in life. I don't know the difference between right or wrong or doesn't have any chance for me to decide anything.My birth was not welcomed by everyone in the family as I am a girl and the second reason is I had dark complexion.
    And my mother was from a very poor family and couldn't give the dowry at the time of her marriage. Everyone criticized her and her parents.My step-grandmother tried to kill me several times when I was a baby. And it was my mother who stood with me. She used to give the best education even though she isn't educated.She used to study and then teach me. Now I am 21, I am able to talk for my mother. And I taught my mother too..that being a girl doesn't mean settling down to something that you don't wish too. I am happy that I am her strength, I always try to make others understand about girl's education and it's importance and it doesn't matter our skin colour,the only thing that matters is the color of your heart✨