• aijuzehn 23w

    If you felt that there is no true love, then don't be one of those people. Be the person who spreads. Love you.��

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    True love in RELATIONSHIP

    Hey, do you know what is true love?
    No reply, no reply, no reply,
    Hey, look around and tell me what is love?
    The emotional bond of each other and understanding of each other is love.
    Hey, do you know love and heartbreak are common now?
    It happens to second person everyday.
    If there is a bond between each other then why did it happen?
    No reply, No reply, No reply.
    There is true love in this world, we just have stopped feelin' it.
    Trust is one of the factors.
    You told me yesterday that love is all around me.
    It's just me who stopped feelin'.