• the_selfloved_girl 23w


    With a sudden rush of force you pushed me to the wall,
    I tried to scream but your palm was wide and my mouth too small.
    I screamed at the top of my lungs but I don't know how my voice managed to vanish within your eyes.
    Did you hear it? Did you hear my voice?
    Loud and distinct, crying for help as you winked, tears rolling down as I blinked?
    I imagined the horror of you on top of me and wondered if anyone would come set me free or after a couple of minutes will I be lying near a tree?
    "What's going on?" I heard a voice, like an angel she torched a light and all at once I was relieved of the pressure and was given a choice.
    I never saw you again but I still have those bruises on my wrist. And if I had to go through that night again, I wouldn't have missed, because it was on that dreadful night I saw a flicker of hope exist.