• wendi61 6w

    Bus Shelter Blues

    Now Bus Shelters
    Are not exotic things
    Unless you are
    A school boy
    In short trousers
    Then its an epic adventure
    With you mate
    A fox hole in the war
    Hiding from the Jerries
    A season ticket seat
    Watching your beloved
    The command centre
    Of a space ship
    The mind of a young boy
    Vast and wide
    Then somewhere in the distance
    A loud crack
    Was that a gun shot
    A Lazer beam
    A fantastic Goal by the reds
    Oh no, no no no
    I'm falling, falling through space
    Ugh, ouch landing on my knees
    Just in front of the bus stop seating
    Oh my god, That hurt
    Oh no no no
    What will my dad say
    I want to be any where but here.