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    #2: T H E H A N D C U F F S

    That was until SAD explained to me about the dangers of what might happen if I chose to wander outside my cage, my comfort zone. But I said that throwing the keys away was also NOT the best idea!Then, SAD came up with this plan that at first I thought was brilliant!

    SAD told me that I could keep the keys but SAD would handcuff me to the bars (AKA my insecurities). Whenever SAD thought that it was safe outside, it would let me free. Confused? Don't be and BELIEVE me when I say that this was better, because if I had held onto those keys with my free hands for too long, I would have simply given up and gotten outside; Ya! 'Cause I have the attention span of a bu-
    Ooh, look! A fly!!

    Besides, I didn't like it when people made even an eye-contact with me, especially when I was naked and in a cage {Did I forget to tell you that I was naked? My bad! I was naked! Atleast that's how I FELT. This goes to prove that nothing goes past my insecurities, not even rough fabrics!}. SAD told me that handcuffing me would take care of that. So, I let SAD do the honors and by using a shining handcuff custom-made out of my inferiority complex (which translates to "100% unbreakable"), SAD bound me and my soul to the cage. Apparently people won't look at me like an animal in a zoo anymore (Spoiler Alert: They still do)!

    Then, SAD told me that everything I said out loud was so stupid that people thought that I was crazy. I told SAD that I didn't care and even if I did, I can't just NOT talk! Then I told SAD to cover my mouth using a scarf or something if it wanted to. Obviously, I was kidding! But I never knew that SAD was not that bright when it came to sarcasm and jokes. So, SAD took some of my strongest terrors and made a beautiful piece of clothing out of it which it then used to mute my speaker! Now, all was set and I was 100% safe and protected from the doom that was the outside world. SAD assured me that it would set me free once the coast was clear!

    'This was the best and the most wonderful plan I have ever been involved in!', I thought with pride.

    But you know how life has a funny way of turning "Wonderful" into "Worry-filled"?
    Ya! That's what happened next!


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    Chapter 2: The Handcuffs