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    As I go over everything in my mind, i reread the script and try to memorize the lines,
    I am ready to know it all by heart, I know every word and ready to start,
    I have been dreading this day for years, but now it’s time to face my fears,
    I put on the proper attire and pray that my performance would be on fire,
    For so long I stood in the backstage, but now I’ve been awaken from this coma and realized I’ve
    It was time to accept and stop backtracking, to step out from the curtains and start my acting,
    but as I do I stop in my tracks, i’ve been asleep for so long that all of this is just a flashback
    The show has already been performed, I did it in my sleep and a new me was formed ,
    A me that slept away the years, numb to the laughter and in denial of the tears,
    I stop living and just lived to survive , my heart was beating yet I wasn’t alive,
    Everyone has gone home, they already know how the story ends, because it has already been
    The truth is, none of this was ever supposed to be an act, it was just life.
    I became blind to reality and numb to my pain and strife,
    so, here I am ready to put it all behind me, ready to take off the mask and put on my wings,
    I can’t play pretend anymore, it’s time to face the world and soar ,
    No longer a puppet on a string..i’ve allowed myself to be cut free,
    It’s ok that no one will be in the audience other than my own soul,
    because I am the only one that needs to watch myself let go,
    so, to my heart I shall say, it’s ok there will be better days,
    I am done acting but to myself I shall sing,
    “it’s ok to let go now baby girl..take out your wings”
    “you’ve been hurt but now you are whole, forgive yourself and let go”
    You are moving on and now going to leave this dreadful place,
    you will smile and laugh again , you will be loved and embraced,
    You will run and fly, you have a better life waiting for you as soon as you tell the old goodbye,
    you don’t need to know everything so ease your mind, burn the script..forget your lines,
    fall in love with life and it’s mysteries, life isn’t a movie but like a series,
    to find out how it ends you have to keep watching, keep living and keep persevering ,
    The moment you try to rewrite your story, you’ll wake up to an alternate reality
    you’ll forget the purpose of your destiny, and become a puppet on a string,
    My life is no longer going in a spiral, so watch me as i set fire to these scripts and files,
    I am no longer acting and for one last time..I shall sing
    “ it’s ok to let go now baby girl, at last take out your wings”
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