• ritbikstagram 6w

    sipping dark coffee,
    beneath open sky,
    amid gentle and cold breezes,
    I was lost
    though my tongue was dipped
    in bitterness,
    eyes behaved too lethargic to move
    affixed by the pleasent sight,
    my body
    so dormant
    so placid
    even in cutting through breezes,
    everything, every entity of me
    was cold, so bloodless
    as if I had no curb over
    my senses!

    I couldn't guess
    how tragic it was,
    or infinitely comic.
    I couldn't guess
    if I was just being sober
    or acting to be modish
    catching glimpse
    of the same girl
    whose smile was a touch
    to my nerves; a ticklish.

    were it her betrayals
    rowing through me,
    was it my defeat
    haunting me !
    if I were amazed to
    still point a part of me
    in her even when parted.