• justsneh__ 6w

    She Awe to set foot as a form of gleam,
    By staying behind being that lone beam.

    Integrated the self-she; went in a flow alike those streams,
    Gave up all her articles apparatus dreaming to get added in that team.

    To adore the solitary pure isn’t burdensome it seem,
    But it is; when on the one day you labour arduously go deep in extreme.

    Departing towards life; it gave numerous warns bout all the downstream,
    Ironically, it went more hard as i met upstream.

    Made up the utmost effort to be that one supreme,
    Wait, it won’t work even if you scream.
    (Scream the real you,scream what you are)

    Cool Badaas Thug; I never belonged to such theme,
    Today’s crowd’s language would never make any scheme.

    Is this all just cause’ you are a teen?Probably, and yet people alike us have seen,
    Being a human as well a person; at the end it’s necessity for you to deem.

    To be the beam of gleam was even her dream,
    It aches; aches her still cause’ she wasn’t that cream.
    (Cream- pure, white clean)

    Wished to approach on passerby’s screen,
    She wished to had this all, she keen.

    She feel pity for the self-she;
    Who gave up her self-esteem,
    For the one’s who never knew what that even mean?


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    she feel pity for the self-she,
    self-she; who gave her self-esteem...