• chidera 5w


    To Me,

    I drink this filled cup
    I take it all in one gulp

    You don't want a taste
    You don't want a sniff either

    It's not a sugar killing soda
    Nor a mind silencing tequila

    This is not what you think it is
    It's an elixir, a potent, a drug,

    Years of running away
    Decades of hiding tears away

    Mixture of salt and pain and blood
    Every time you fell almost to never rise

    Those dark days with the sun at its peak
    The nights the stars failed to make smile

    Poison. The one you drank each morning
    Delusion. The one you lived everyday.

    I mix these ingredients with my hands
    I have no time to look for a spoon to stir

    I tire of waiting any longer
    I tire of staring at the cup so long

    So, I deaden my nose
    And I take it all

    Maybe now, I'll live
    Maybe now, I'll see

    I'm taking this cup
    A dose of reality

    An acknowledgement
    An understanding

    It has happened
    I do not have to run

    I do not have to hide anymore
    I do not have to cover these tears

    I won't stop this pain from ravaging
    I know it's only going to heal next

    It's hard. Taking this step
    It's tasteless. This cup numbs your buds

    But it's good. It's perfect.
    In that few seconds of liquid dropping

    You feel nothing. No joy. No pain.
    Nothing to hold on to, to be scared of.

    But afterwards, it all comes running
    Clawing to tear down your walls

    It's going to hurt but let them
    You're going to be naked but forget shame

    Take it now. Don't wait no longer
    The cup keeps filling and filling

    Drink it even if death knocks
    Believe me, you'll live

    Raise your cups high
    We're getting free

    We'll drink everything we've feared
    We'll drink all that killed and gnawed at us

    Cheers, for we drink and die once
    Never to taste death anymore

    I'll drink this cup filled to the brim
    I'll drink it all in one gulp.

    - CN

    #pod #reality #writersnetwork #depression

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    This is for me.
    If it speaks to you,
    I'm happy.

    Don't be afraid. Nothing can hurt you like that anymore. Drink your own cup. Take your life in your hand and don't look back. Don't let them hold you back any longer.

    Drink up.
    Die and live again.
    Take this pain once
    Don't hold back.


    - CN