• smartsam 10w

    Oh! God.

    I won't ask you life
    All I ask you almighty is death!
    No I don't want any eternity
    please just stop my breath!

    Trust is no where but sadly
    blind teachers everywhere!
    I seek ain't abuse my faith
    why you make me wait?

    People are going
    ever more haughty!
    Cruelty, merciless they take
    now simply sporty!

    All lights are brighten although
    aghast darkness is pitch black there!
    Why should I be
    foolfaith by people wicked
    when I believe your mercy sake?

    Dense unfaithfulness,
    tremendous disgusting sorrows.
    All so selfish, cruel and mind narrowed!

    This is not the world nor life
    I've ever imagined!
    Why everyone & everything
    is simply going in ruin!

    Poor are grinded
    faithful are blinded!
    Truth, honesty why rewinded?
    Kindness, meekness
    Oh! god
    Why nowhere founded?

    Whose ruling the world in background behind?
    Is this what for Oh! God
    you have this world found?