• lance_arthur 10w

    The Vision

    The fear of the lonely ones.
    The heart of the midnight sun.
    The house that captures the ghost.
    The lost and mighty reign of empires host.

    Travel to the angel of the sea.
    Become the vision of the glorious dream.
    Ponder the hour that takes the wish.
    You're not alone in the fate of the mist.

    Capture your pictures and move aside.
    The hill you reside is where many have died.
    The quake of time will settle your score.
    Now you wait, you soon wash ashore.

    Heaven beats for your heart until it is still.
    Washing the breath that flows from the mouth of the ill. Giving a lonesome man a helping hand. This fresh-faced design will be the center of the great stand.
    Though many have been plagued by humanism the chance to free the mind is no longer an ideal held in prison.
    The only choice now is whether you truly believe you can be free above all else that is left to be.