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    Back to School: An Emotion

    Back to school and the journey awaits,
    The gate opened, so did the hearts,
    The Watchman smiled, so did us,
    The aroma of CLASSROOM was still the same,
    And so did our respect towards it,

    (The eyes blinked away the tears,
    But the mind couldn't)

    Expect to act formally with those dumbheads,
    Nah! Never! Couldn't....... Shouldn't!!!!!!!
    We were born to get insulted by each other
    Such is our friendship!!
    (And by dumbheads, I mean my friends, HAHA)

    Those never ending speeches,
    Those fake claps,
    Those smirking faces,
    Never felt so appalling!!!
    The teachers looking at us,
    With a feeling of pride!!
    (Aah!! What could be better than this)

    And with all smiling faces,
    That evening came to an end,
    Those smiling faces?Why not!!
    Meeting those who were once your lifeline,
    Never could be disappointing.
    And a tinge of pride and emotion ran down our spine,
    As we celebrated our reunion in our