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    What words of advice do you have for a budding music producer that's building a brand, and putting out content that's geared towards getting noticed and signed by a label?
    Keep creating content and putting it out consistently.
    When it comes to creating opportunities for yourself on social media, the only thing that you can control is creating content.
    That is what you should double down on.
    Find dedicated upcoming musicians and partner with them too.
    And most importantly, make sure that you are improving constantly.
    Your level of skill is what would make room for you.

    a. I have a lot of skills, but I don't know which one to go for,
    how can I choose or should l just keep learning all?
    b. How can I not stop running out of contents?

    Your focus should be learning how to monetize the skill that you have and not learning more skills.
    The key to earning from any skill is learning how to drive Sales and not learning more skills.
    If you don't learn how to monetize one skill, ten skills won't help you.
    Go back and focus on the very first skill that you picked up and become extremely good at it while learning Sales.
    If you want to stop running out of content, you have to read more content.
    The key to writing is reading.

    Please explain vividly the difference between talent, interest and skill ?

    Talent: Something that you are good at naturally.

    Interest: something that you are drawn to that you would like to explore more.

    Skill: a talent or Interest that you develop until it can solve problems and brings you returns.

    Practice is what makes your talents or interests useful to both you and the world.
    There are a lot of people out there with Enthusiast of this or that in their Bio. But being interested in something is not enough.
    You have to be good at it. So develop any talent and interest you have.
    You level of skill would help you with achieving purpose.

    I want to build a brand online, how do l choose a niche?

    A niche can be something that comes naturally to you Or something that pays on the long term that you believe you can be consistent in.
    Most times what you start with isn't what you would end up with, but you will never know until you start.
    Stick to what works for you.
    No one is smart enough to analyse everything in their head. Take action.

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    No one is smart enough to analyse everything in their head.
    Take action- Ajulu