• taw_poetry 21w

    I sit under that tree
    Tilt pencils and paper combined
    Under that tree I find comfort and refuge
    Where most of my thoughts are filtered,
    digested-recycled and get amused

    Right under that tree I found beauty
    That tree right there gave me hope and duty
    I reminisce of the days before-
    I got under that tree
    Before I got under that tree over there
    nobody seemed to care

    This tree right here I'm letting it to grow
    This tree might be gone and-
    I will miss it tommorow
    I enjoy its presence today and let it-
    carry my sorrows
    Don't someone come and cut it off-
    For when that happens-
    I will be the next one to follow

    That tree right there has been my pillar
    Whilst under that tree I've found
    my purpose- life dealer
    Right under this tree I found myself
    freed from death- life stealer
    Right from that tree right there-
    there is cure to my diseases- drug dealer

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    Photo credit @philips_benji

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    Under that Tree