• christian_shades 23w

    Inspired by Tom Odell’s Another Love

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    Another Love

    Just about to sing you a song ;
    And you drew a line between us,
    For Another love... Another Love...

    I wanted to cry, i wanted to fall in love,
    But you didnt spare me the space
    For another love... another love..

    I wanted to love you and make you a wish
    But I am tired sharing that line on leash
    The line you made for another love... another love..

    I wanted to bring you that pink rose you envied;
    Fear; they might die in my arrogant hands
    Unlike your another love ... another love

    I can be so fucking rude and insulting;
    But my voice been broken one two many times..
    Because of your another love.. another love..

    My words always win but this battle will be lost;
    In the oblivion of our darkest nightmare..
    Oh for that another love.. another love..