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    show up in my face looking like you important aren't you take your size 12s and act like your jordan

    i'm already fucking pissed off i gives a fuck when i see your ass i might call you off like UPS trucks i will deliver sucks to your liver give you the shivers and punk bitch my mother fucking you and ain't shit you talk shit from running from your lips you is a bitch get your ass whipped now your knees are important motherfucker sporting like jordans motherfucking get a knee pad motherfucker you don't scrape the ass i get the fuck motherfucker who the fuck you save you can have your click you can have your cousin then run up i put two slugs in your fucking lung and plus your folks who get fucking bucked i guess i'll find fuck what the fuck you say nigger what you ain't important i support you like jordans getting them scuffed up then i take them off and hand them to your ass then i whip your motherfucking ass then i take them off your motherfucking neck then i be like need pass is what the fuck you need cuz you a bitch and fucking bleed you will hold fucking bleeding every fucking month but you fucking man see you ain't fucking shit or punk mother fucking bitch acting like you tougher than leather don't you understand either what do this type of shit fucking everyday your bronze is mother fucking played like Frito-Lay motherfucker you ain't bronze get the fuck about your ass nigga don't you understand i take gold for the past i have fucking real diamonds real gold and real sports he's bitch and you have nothing on your mother fucking worthless trying to fucking be important sport you like you better jordans gives a fuck you ain't important mother fucker you be born up in this world but i'll take it from you get the fuck how you feel can you smell that aroma sticky fucking green gives a fuck on the scene bitch make mother fucking acting like he's fucking real you ain't nothing but a fake motherfucker for real why don't you shut your fucking mouth before i cock back pill your fucking wig is splitting the fist it gets a fucking feeling about the mathematics bitch.