• bhavyaaa 6w

    No one loves like the sun does.
    He battles all seasons and comes down to shine on you. He bends himself and lets the branches interrupt his glory, but he reaches out to you. No one is as willing to see you as he is. He does not even realise, he is the mighty sun and you a lowly mortal. He breaks through your curtains in the morning, as if he had been waiting the entire night just to get one glimpse of you. And he gazes at you through the knolls just before it has to go. Not to miss the beauty of your face acknowledging his farewell, all bathed in its evening redness. He does not even know you need him more than he will ever need you. Some seasons test him but his arms of daylight have never faltered. He shines on you and his love seeps in before you even know it. The soft tan on your face, that's exactly him.