• her_captain 10w

    He escapes out to the place
    Called Space, Known to be very Far
    Only stars allowed to sparkle their
    And He is one of the shining stars
    Keeping the luminous charm with it
    Moved to the planet, Unknown to his beloved
    Indian Cinema has lost its Supernova
    Whose Movie waiver brings a Euphoria in hearts

    Now ready to conquer the space
    with the same Pace as Cinema
    Grateful for the soul like Him
    To Take born on the Earth

    A light-year, Now His name
    Conceptual Thought in Mind
    He will Show Up Again
    With the same soul, different glimpse

    Till then, Known to be
    The shooting star, Temporary streak of light
    once seen in the aura.

    #cees_wow_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork
    May His soul Rest In Peace #TributeToTheLegend✌��

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    Irrfan Khan

    खुशी अचानक गम में बदल गयी।
    यार, जिसने दिल जीते हजार,
    जान हथेली रख, चला उस पार।
    परवाना, इस दुनिया में
    सपने मुठी में बंद।
    कहता था, जिदंगी का नाम
    सिर्फ एक फलसफा है,
    मुश्किल तो कहनाअलविदा है।
    क्योंकि निम्बू मिल जाता है आसानी से
    पर शिकंजी त्यार करना कठिन है
    क्योंकी अब कुछ ही दिन रहना है।