• epigramfortwo 5w

    All my life
    I've looked at words
    as though that winter sun
    shrieks more than the intent
    to wake up and regain,
    the windows bolted out
    open to brick and lay the
    outdoor street
    bustling with the rhymes,
    all the words bubbling
    for dispensation,

    I've looked at words
    transitioning like the traffic lights,
    red, pink, yellow, orange,
    blue, green and grey,
    words with their own
    cheeky coloured connotations,

    with the willingness to impart
    the nature's faculty and yours,
    with the simmering withdrawal
    to run away from rush hour
    leaving almost all behind,
    but for you and I,
    we're all stuck
    like words in this jam, right?

    then let us celebrate errors as well,
    how would you like an errata for the misspelt?
    how would you like to call in sick today?

    Life hasn't always been words,
    you unlearn emotions,
    drawl out impulses like a synthesizer,
    your syntactic syntax working
    up veins and vowels and consonants on
    some memory sojourn,

    All this time I had been chasing
    dictionaries to swell her up
    from under the streetlights
    to her inside an apartment complex,

    floating above swimming pools
    and drinking in drained out tanks
    up above below some terrace,
    somedays I'm waiting for
    her charming self at a bar,
    now she comes once
    by the weekend,

    words were always
    inside us like toxins and peptides,
    all my life breathing words,
    words were never more

    All my life,
    I've looked at words,
    my flow of consciousness
    used to the waves of the seen,
    the felt and the sounds touch
    my feet upon the transient sand,
    words fleeting after years,
    words fleeting in search of moments,
    when a girl seeks words
    from her suitor, and he promised
    he'd bleed and pour letters of love,
    words lost when the letters never reach,
    as the suitor seeks for her in the grainy storm

    now I never look at words as before,
    I am content with words being objects.