• vaishnavimahe 5w

    The Reasons for separation in a relationship

    A relationship is like a thread of mutual understanding around which life of two people is woven.A relationship is a blend of love accompanied with fights.
    No fight is so big that it cannot be solved unless there is mutual understanding.I consider lack of mutual understanding as a major factor in separation of relationships.

    In order to have a perfect bonding the two people must be comfortable.Sometimes people are not comfortable and hence there is a communication gap which can be a factor for separation in relationships.Trust is a factor which can save relationships but trust once broken cannot be restored.
    Also the other person should be able to empathize with your problems.
    For an ever-lasting relationship commitment,passion,intimacy are some other important factors.
    Relationship is like that glass which shatters easily if not handled with utmost care.

    Loyalty towards one another is a must factor for an everlasting relationship.
    Time is another important factor for a relationship.People should have time for one another but at the same time they should understand that the other person cannot have every second of his/her life for him/her.Also there must be openness but at the same time the two people should understand that there should be some private space between them.
    The real reason for separation of relationships is not fights but lack of efforts that should be made to convince the person after fights.The two people should respect each other and respect each others opinions.Two people can differ in an opinion,it is normal but sometimes people fail to understand this which leads to separation.
    One must take stand for other person despite all the fights and most importantly ask for forgiveness when they commit mistakes.Ego problem is another factor which leads to separation.
    Thus to sum up the most important factors in separation of relationship are
    Lack of Mutual trust and understanding
    Lack of commitment
    Lack of Respect
    Lack of Efforts .