• fnrptry 5w


    Remember when we used to run in the park
    It seems like it was yesterday but it's lost in the past
    I'm so terrified that in all these pictures i have
    Your face starts blurrying when time passes by

    Every friday you came home with a big smile
    Causing me to draw one on my face, magical
    We stared and each other for a pretty long while
    Before sharing our dreams for the thousandth time

    Then you grabbed my arm and take me to your room
    Just to vibe to some music that made you wanna move
    Plenty of artists and genres that sounded so new
    I admired how every movement you did was so pure

    You told me to stand so i could feel the mood
    But didn't want to interrupt cuz the show was so good
    Then you said that it would be better if i joined you
    That was when we escaped world for an album or two

    That also was the time when life wasn't a doom
    Now i miss all your words
    And i miss every touch
    And every highlighted message can't be read anymore

    Still have every playlist you created for me
    With all that indie music that made you feel free
    That fulfilled you when you couldn't find reasons to breathe
    And that made a significant impact between you and me

    And now i'm dancing with a flower in my mouth
    A forget-me-not that I know was your favourite one
    Hopefully this makes me not forget you
    Even though you forgot me long time ago

    The garden of your memories i'm tempted to leave
    But the beauty of the sights just won't let me free
    And the green of the grass got me attatched
    Just the same way the green of your eyes did

    It's a story about being trapped between feels
    Because letting you go hurts much more that it seems
    And being stuck in you is no good for me
    But i'm scared that nodoby will ever make me feel that way that you did