• jannat_missing 5w

    Dear love

    How are you, hope you doing good.
    You know i never had courage to tell you what i felt as i always had a fear from you, i feared i my words would screw your heart. So i never said you anything, always listened what you said, always listened what you abused to me, but never complained. I convinved myself that he is not in mood now, don't react jyotsana, it would increase his anger, always convinced myself like that. he is a good man, he has a clear heart, it is just that he isn't feeling good right now, and so he is saying all this.
    But you know love, this thing ate me, i never said you anything but these thaughts captured my heart in a narrow space.
    I started considering myself a slut, a characterless girl as YOU SAID ME THAT. I used to say it to myself that no one knows me more than him so he is right, if he is saying me wrong then i must be wrong, because he always has a reason for that.
    You used to scold me and then wipe my tears, you were always there with me, but what about now. Now, when i am standing alone and fighting with all those words that you said to me, i know you never meant that, but how come i convince this to my heart who is crying loudly in silence, who is bearing that pain which your words gave when they Pearced my heart.
    Tell me na, what to do of that, i can not see my heart bleeding like that, it hurts dude, it hurts.
    I need you again to wipe my tears and say that jyotsana I'm sorry i never meant that,
    Hey!! say me that once again, I'll be alright. I swear I'll be okay again!
    Please come and say.....
    ©flawless _taffeta