• sunleo 6w

    I don't know how to capture my emotions right now. How does a person of my fortunate circumstance even speak to what is unfolding across the United States in this current moment. The thing I realized is now is the time to speak up, louder than ever. We can't walk back 400 years of oppression and racism but we can unite our voices in saying enough is enough. Our silence is screaming that we don't care when we fucking should. If you're angry, you should be. But let not anger be the blindfold of hate. Hate is what got us here. Hate is a learned thing and so it can be unlearned. Together, collectively we have a choice. We either ride this flaming dumpster all the way down or we unite our voices and say no more. Humanity forward, one step at a time with love and compassion being our Polaris. Our guiding star to the future we want for our children.
    Be safe and be well my fellow humans.
    #blacklivesmatter #forwardtogether #icantbreathe #love #compassion #understanding #oneworld

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    I can't breathe

    i can't breathe
    he said,
    she said,
    they said
    "I can't breathe"
    and we stayed silent
    we watched
    in fleeting horror
    with brief outrage
    we raised our fists
    only to lower them
    no more